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Lizsen & DJ Meke Interviewing COCOOMA

Today is the time for something special. Lizsen co-operated with DJ Meke and came up with 10 questions for the star of SÄDE 20th Anniversary, Cocooma (AKA Atilla Girisken). This German hard trance legend is coming to Finland for the first time on friday 11th of May! The venue is Ääniwalli in Helsinki. It's going to be huge! But now for the questions and answers:

1. Hello Atilla, how are you?

I am fine thank you =)

2. So first off, how did you come up with the name “Cocooma”? 

Its derived from an asian spice, asian words were popular back in the 90s ... we wrote down a few and decided to COCOOMA (orig. Kurkuma)

3. When did your music career first begin? 

In 1995 when the first Record Friendchip - "Harmony" was released and short after COCOOMA - "Flying Saucer"

4. How did you learn audio production? 

I started with a Commodore C-64 and Supertrack with my first Synthesizers and Sampler I had a 16channel Mixer and made my first Songs all was learning by doing... no tutorials no youtube lol.

I spent every cent in music stuff when I was a teenager ... electronic music is my passion since that time.
5. What kind of hardware/software did you use back then when first starting to produce? And what you use now? 

When I started with Cocooma I had a lot of Hardware Synthesizers and Studio Equipment that was the only option in the 90s the only Software I used was a Sequencer called "LOGIC" on a Atari 1040STF and later Apple Mac, I still use Logic Software but it grow over the years from a Sequencer to a DAW  (Digital Audio Workstation) so that I didnt need so much Hardware anymore and everything is more softwarebased for me now ...    

6. You started 2017 your own recod laber called COC TRAXX. Tell me about it: Is it only for Cocooma tracks and / or remixes, new collabirations with other producers etc?

Its meant to be for Cocooma Tracks only but we will see what time brings  

7. What to expect at SÄDE event...What you gonna play there?

Surprise!!!!! lol 

8. Tell us about the best gig you've had?

1. Barcelona/Spain Scorpia in 1997
2. Indoor Stadium Basel/Switzerland 

Its just amazing to play in front of thousands of people who enjoy your music

9. If you could co-write a song with anyone, who would it be?

It would be Benny and Björn from ABBA lol !!!

10. Define the term "techno".

I think TECHNO is the topic of all the Genres like Trance, House, Electro

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